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* Comfortable Jeans Buy Comfortable Jeans
** Wild Fire Buy Wild Fire
* Old Guys at the Party Buy Old Guys at the Party
* Church of Hank Williams Buy Church of Hank Williams
* Come Home Buy Come Home
* Don't Lemme Die in California Buy Don't Lemme Die In California
Gringo Nada Joker Buy Gringo Nada Joker
* Karaoke Star Buy Karaoke Star
** Larry Bird Song Buy Larry Bird Song
* Red Water Buy Red Water Demo
* She's So Bad Buy She's So Bad
* Tractors & Trains Buy Tractors & Trains
Tugnificent Eleven Album

1. Small Hands

2. Raspberry Bubblicious

3. Jergens

4. Triple C.S

5. On The Couch

6. Gringo Nada Joker

7. Cartoon Land

8. I Want You Back

9. Jedi

10. Sprawl Out Naked

11. Buzz Buzz Buzz

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© 2004 – 2012
Lyrics and Music Written and Performed by Brock Finn

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